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Do I need an online presence for my business?

The simple answer is yes!  The Internet is the ‘go to’ place for almost all consumers these days who are searching for a particular product or service.  It is faster and more convenient way to get your business noticed. Consumers are much more likely to search the web for a business to suit their needs rather than to pick up the phone book, Yellow Pages or a classified ads section of the newspaper.  Beyond that, here are 5 reasons to consider why you need a website for your business –

  • Business credibility –  If your business website and social media are designed properly with great content, you can generate all the leads you need and legitimise your business.
  • Digital Word-of-Mouth – People talk online, they share their experiences of both good and bad service.  This can be used to generate  . . . . Social Media platform, Google Reviews or Yelp among other sources.
  • An Effective Online Presence generates leads and feedback – Your online presence is working for you 24/7/365
  • Your website can give customers what they need –  If you provide your visitors with high quality information, a service, and or a product that can solve their problem, your visitors and google will reward you. It’s that simple!
  • Your website is frequently your customers ‘First Impression’ of your business – Make it a good one!
Why your business should use WordPress CMS to build your business website?

“WordPress is used by over 60% of all the world’s websites whose content management system we know. This is over 30% of all websites.”  The ‘wisdom of crowds’ is not, in and of itself, a reason to choose WordPress, but the abundance of websites build in this medium has some very positive consequences.   WordPress as an ‘open source’ platform evolves and innovates quicker than its rivals.  There are substatially more themes and plugins, that extend its functionality, than are available on any other platform.  WordPress is intuitive and easy to use and there are countless ‘how to’ videos posted on Youtube when you get stuck.  WordPress is scalable, and other than the cost of upgrading your hosting plan, costs nothing to do. WordPress is ‘responsive’ and so is mobile and tablet friendly out of the box.   WordPress integrates with virtually everything, if there’s a service you’d like to integrate with your website, there is likely to be a WordPress plugin that will make the integration simple.

Why choose Helios Web Design to build your business website?

We view ourselves as a long-term partner in the ongoing growth and success of your business. Our aim is to establishes a long lasting relationship that extends far beyond the launch of your website. All our websites come with a 12 month support package, that includes additional development time, technical support and updates to your websites core code, security, theme and plugins, as well as regular backups. We also offer extended support packages for subsequent years to give your business the peace of mind, knowing that your online presence is being looked after by professionals.

Choose an easy to use CMS, choose flexibility, choose scalability, choose affordability, choose extensibility, choose from 1,000’s of themes & plugins, choose WordPress.

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