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Thinking of Starting a Business from Home?

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Thinking of Starting a Business from Home?

The success of home-based businesses has been fuelled by the proliferation of the Internet and online shopping. Business owners can sell their products and services on their own websites or on trading sites like eBay and Etsy and more easily market themselves on social media. With almost ½ of all new businesses folding within the first 3 years starting small scale and from home is a relatively low risk way to test out your ideas.

The Pro’s of a Home Start Up

Being able to make some money from home doing something you are good at and/or enjoy at a time that is convenient to you has many upsides. Low startup costs and testing the water for your product/service is relatively low risk way to begin an online business from your kitchen counter or shed.

The legal minefield of setting up your business to trade might be putting you off but it shouldn’t. If you want to test the water, so long as you are not selling foodstuffs, go ahead, just remember to keep all your receipts! You can get advice and support as you go along from your local Chamber of Commerce, usually free for startups. Once you have found that your business is viable then you can start to tackle the legal stuff, but then you will know it will definitely be worth it.

Getting online may be the most frightening part of setting up your business but it shouldn’t be. You can set up a selling account with eBay or Easy with no technical experience. You just need a bank account and access to the internet. With a little technical knowhow you can use a build your own website service such as 1and1 or wix. This can be time consuming and expensive if you need website functionality. Getting a local website designer to create you a small brochure style site may be the most time and cost effective way for you to start your online presence.

Once your business has grown to a point that it makes sense to move out of the house into a retail space or manufacturing facility you will probably have all the relevant knowledge you need for success.

The Con’s of a Home Start Up

There can be obstacles combining home life with workspace. The people you live with could get frustrated by a lack of kitchen space or the fact that the lawn mower now lives under a tarp in the back garden rather than the shed.

There are legal regulations for home-based business, you should be aware of byelaws about equipment that creates noise, fumes or electrical interference. Your local council will probably want to change you business rates upon any building used in the course of your business. In the short term so long as you don’t annoy your neighbours you should be ok to give it a go and worry about the council later! Your startup is unlikely to bring you instant income stability so giving up you current job and going ‘all in’ may be rash. It is worth, at least to start with, trying it small scale and as your business grows look to go part-time if possible before taking the plunge.

Business owners should practice effective time management. Let the family/friends know that, you are working at home and not just available to go shopping, pick up the cat from the vet or decorate the downstairs bathroom, you have to protect your time.

Overall if you have an idea or dream about starting your own business give it a go. There are many upsides and the obstacles can be overcome as you meet them.

I have seen many small businesses take off and flourish over the past 4 years and the most important factor has been that the proprietor has been willing to give it a go! So what is stopping you? If you need advice about getting online feel free to get in touch with me via my website ( ) and I will be happy to help.


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