Thomas & Co – Independent Mortgage Adviser WordPress Website

Thomas & Co - Independent Mortgage Adviser Wordpress Website

Helios Web Design were first engaged by the client to upload their blog posts to an existing website as their previous developer was taking many weeks to respond and take action upon their requests.

It quickly became evident that the existing website was not displaying its content correctly, was missing core code and hadn’t been kept up to date in terms of plugins and security.  In short the website was not fit for purpose.

As the website was already live this became a rescue mission.  Helios Web Design used the existing written content from the website, along with a cached version of the website at  to rebuild the website on a fresh theme.

The website was completely rebuilt and made live in two days ensuring as little down time as possible for the business.  The website now has a fully up to date theme, regular backups, a better page editor and SEO profile than the previous build.

Although starting from a low base the website has already seen a significant increase in visitors and page views.

Helios Web Design - Wordpress Website Design For Business

The website has been optimised for search engines and indexed with Google, and Yahoo/Bing.  Google Analytics tracking code has been included, and the client has full unrestricted access to this enabling the client to monitor the effectiveness of the website and the ROI of any online marketing campaigns.

Going forward Helios Web Design will actively manage this website ensuring that the website, plugins and security measures are always up to date and will provide technical support and updates to content as and when required within a prompt timeframe.

Helios Web Design - Wordpress Website Design For Business
Independent Mortgage Advice
Search Engine Optimised
Fully Responsive Design
Content Management System
Easy To Edit, Update & Amend
Social Media Integration
Google Analytics Tracking

Total Cost - PRIVATE


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