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The client required an Amazon Affiliate e-commerce website based on the wordpress platform.  They required the ability to upload images and reviews of products as well as providing an Amazon Affiliate e-commerce platform.  The client advertises products for sale from the Amazon UK website and earns affiliate income from Amazon for sales directed to Amazon from their website.  Helios also added an automated woocommerce plugin to make importing products from the Amazon website a simple 3 click process.

Due to the complex nature of the website the client required an enhanced hosting platform to enable the  php server scripts to function effectively without slowing down the load speed of the site.

The client also required social media integration.  Helios Web Design set up the site so that any reviews or products the client add to their site were automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter.  They also have an auto posting feature that recycles older posts and retweets and posts to Facebook on a monthly cycle to help draw more traffic to their site.

Helios Web Design actively manage this site ensuring that the website and plugins are always up to date and provide technical support to contributors to the website.  Due to the enhanced hosting requirements and active support the total cost of this website was £870 for the first year.  The technical support and hosting for subsequent years has been set at £200 pa.  Although hosting and management can be transferred if required free of charge.

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