Family Care Advice WordPress Website Rescue

Client: Michaela Forty, Owner of Family Care Advice
Service Provider: Helios Web Design

Introduction: Family Care Advice, owned by Michaela Forty, is a valuable online resource dedicated to providing guidance and support to families seeking care-related information. Unfortunately, the website faced several issues, including a user-unfriendly page builder, a non-responsive layout, and suboptimal SEO performance. In response, Michaela enlisted the expertise of Helios Web Design to rescue and transform her WordPress website into a more accessible and functional online platform.

Project Scope and Objectives: The project undertaken by Helios Web Design for Family Care Advice encompassed a comprehensive website rescue and enhancement. The primary goals were to:

  1. Improve User-Friendliness: The existing page builder was replaced with a user-friendly alternative, making it easier for Michaela to manage and edit website content.
  2. Enhance Responsiveness: A new theme was applied to ensure the website would function seamlessly on all devices, offering a better user experience to visitors.
  3. Optimize SEO: A thorough SEO audit was conducted, focusing on improving website structure, titles, and meta descriptions to enhance search engine visibility.
  4. Offer Training: Michaela received tuition on how to make content updates and add blog posts independently, empowering her to maintain her website effectively.
  5. Provide Ongoing Support: Helios Web Design committed to offering continuous support and assistance to Michaela as she further develops and expands her website.

Project Details: Helios Web Design executed the following key activities during the project:

  • Page Builder Replacement: The original page builder was replaced with a more user-friendly and efficient alternative, ensuring a smoother editing experience.
  • Theme Overhaul: A new, responsive theme was implemented to ensure that the website adapts to various screen sizes and devices seamlessly.
  • Content Migration: The existing content from the old website was transferred to the new theme, preserving valuable information while improving its presentation.
  • SEO Optimisation: A comprehensive SEO audit was conducted to identify and rectify issues. Titles, meta descriptions, and overall website structure were optimised for better search engine rankings.
  • Training: Michaela was provided with training sessions to equip her with the necessary skills to manage her website independently.
  • Ongoing Support: Helios Web Design committed to offering ongoing support and assistance to address any future needs or updates that may arise as the website continues to evolve.

Conclusion: Through the collaboration between Helios Web Design and Michaela Forty, the Family Care Advice website has undergone a significant transformation. It is now more user-friendly, responsive, and optimised for search engines. Michaela has been empowered to take control of her website’s content, and ongoing support ensures its continued success as a valuable resource for families seeking care advice.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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Family Care Advice
Family Care Advice
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