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Client: Clarke’s Private Hire
Client Contact: Gary Brinkworth

Introduction: Clarke’s Private Hire is a distinguished executive car and driver hire company that offers a wide range of services, including Executive Car Hire with Driver, Luxury & Business Class Airport Transfers, Cruise & Ferry Transfers, and Specialist Couriers for high-value medical and computer equipment. Gary Brinkworth, the director of Clarke’s Private Hire, recognised the need for an online platform to effectively promote the various aspects of his business. To achieve this goal, Clarke’s Private Hire collaborated with Helios Web Design to create a stylish, responsive website that is optimised for search engines (SEO).

Project Scope: The collaboration between Clarke’s Private Hire and Helios Web Design encompassed a range of tasks to develop an engaging brochure website:

  1. Responsive Design: The website was meticulously designed to be fully responsive, ensuring an excellent user experience across different devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  2. SEO Optimisation: Helios Web Design conducted comprehensive SEO optimisation to improve the website’s visibility in search engines. This process included thorough keyword research and on-page SEO enhancements targeting key search terms related to executive car hire, airport transfers, cruise transfers, and specialist couriers.
  3. Service Showcase: The website prominently showcases Clarke’s Private Hire’s diverse range of services, emphasising Executive Car Hire with Driver, Luxury & Business Class Airport Transfers, Cruise & Ferry Transfers, and Specialist Couriers. High-quality images and detailed descriptions highlight the quality and variety of offerings.
  4. Contact and Inquiry Channels: Clear calls to action for contacting Clarke’s Private Hire, along with Gary Brinkworth’s contact details, are readily available for clients seeking information or bookings.
  5. Testimonials: The website includes client testimonials and success stories, providing social proof of the company’s excellence in delivering top-notch services.
  6. Specialist Services: A dedicated section highlights the specialist courier services offered for transporting high-value medical and computer equipment, emphasising the company’s expertise and reliability in this niche.
  7. Interactive Features: The website includes interactive elements such as a blog for sharing insights and updates related to the transportation industry and travel tips.
  8. Website Link: The completed website can be accessed at Clarke’s Private Hire.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Helios Web Design and Clarke’s Private Hire has resulted in a visually appealing, SEO-optimised brochure website. This online platform effectively communicates the company’s wide range of services, from executive car hire to specialist courier services for valuable equipment.

Helios Web Design is pleased to have delivered a website that aligns with Clarke’s Private Hire’s values and commitment to excellence in transportation services. The website serves as a powerful tool for attracting clients, showcasing the company’s capabilities, and providing valuable information to travelers and clients seeking high-quality transportation solutions.

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