Beyond Beige – IT Support Business WordPress Website

Beyond Beige - IT Support Business Wordpress Website


At Helios Web Design, we take pride in delivering high-quality, customised web solutions that enhance our clients’ online presence. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Beyond Beige, an IT support business dedicated to providing comprehensive IT services to their clients. We developed a robust website that effectively showcases their services and expertise, ensuring they stand out in a competitive market.

Visit their website: Beyond Beige

Project Highlights

IT Support Services

We created a dedicated section for Beyond Beige’s IT Support Services, emphasising their offer of a dedicated IT Support Department for a fixed small monthly fee. This page is designed to communicate the value and reliability of their support services, ensuring potential clients understand the benefits of having a professional IT team on standby.

IT Solutions

The IT Solutions page highlights Beyond Beige’s expertise in providing cost-effective IT hardware and software solutions. We focused on their capabilities in ensuring business efficiency and effectiveness, as well as their speciality in email setup, routing, and deliverability issues. This section is crafted to demonstrate their technical prowess and the tangible benefits they bring to their clients.

IT Resources

For the IT Resources section, we highlighted Beyond Beige’s decades of experience with software and online resources. This page is designed to establish trust and showcase their extensive knowledge, making it clear that they are a go-to source for all IT-related needs.

Technical Features

  • WordPress Platform: The website was built using WordPress, ensuring ease of use and flexibility for future updates.
  • SEO Optimisation: We implemented comprehensive SEO strategies, including indexing with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to improve the website’s visibility and search engine ranking.
  • Full Management: Helios Web Design fully manages the website, providing technical support, domain-based email, and assistance with adding new content. This ensures that Beyond Beige can focus on their core business without worrying about website maintenance.


The collaboration with Beyond Beige resulted in a dynamic and user-friendly website that effectively communicates their services and expertise. At Helios Web Design, we are committed to supporting Beyond Beige’s online presence and ensuring their website remains a valuable asset for their business.

Explore our work: Beyond Beige IT Support

At Helios Web Design, we are committed to helping businesses thrive by creating outstanding websites that deliver measurable results. If you need a professional website to elevate your business, contact us today!

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Beyond Beige - IT Support Business Wordpress Website
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