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How to market your business the right way on the Internet

Starting an Online Business

How to market your business the right way on the Internet

That’s right. You more than likely Googled “24-hour plumbers in (Insert your Town here)” on your iPhone from underneath your leaky kitchen sink. So if you’re in business, your online presence is how people will find you, and your website better look good and be functional on their tablet or smartphone.

Online marketing works. Simple. I don’t care what business you’re in, I haven’t yet to found a business that says Internet marketing didn’t do anything for me.

Don’t have a website for your business? Seriously, you don’t have a website for your business!?! You are missing out on most of your potential market!

Do it now:

Don’t wait any longer. Get an online presence now. First thing, get a good domain name. When you buy your domain name make it a or a .com because everybody over the age of 30, started with these, and it’s a muscle memory. And spend the £6 to get that domain name from GoDaddy or another site. Then you know it’s yours.

Keep it current:

Google your company name and review and update the top two pages of results where your company is listed. Check things such as hours, address, phone, services, description, etc. Last week I met a friend for lunch at a local restaurant to find they were no longer open for lunch. They had not updated their website or their Yell listing!

Pay attention to it:

Everyone agrees you must have a presence on Google+ because it helps with your ranking with Google. But you don’t necessarily have to post new content there all the time ,unless you find out that’s where your customer base spends its time. If you’re going to have a Facebook or Twitter account, link to to your website. Post often and monitor it.

It’s really important to be active:

If you’re not monitoring Twitter, and somebody tweets that they had a bad experience at your busiess, and it takes you 10 days to respond, that’s bad. If you’re not going to be active, you need a way of listening. If I’m tweeting you, I expect for you to answer me.

How to market your business the right way on the Internet

Make it look good on mobile:

Google recently changed its algorithms to give mobile presence more weight when determining how sites rank in the search results. That means your website not only has to look good on a mobile device, but it has to function well on that platform. People want a different experience if they’re viewing it on mobile device. If you’re a local restaurant, if the customer’s on a desktop they might want to see the menu, on the phone, they want your phone number and address because they’re about to arrive or want to make a reservation.

Look at the analytics:

You should get some training and go into your website analytics, companies should at least be in frequent touch with their marketing company or webmaster about analytics. Analytics enable you to see what people who searched for you also often search for. This can give you a heads up as to how to develop your business in the future. You can learn what you didn’t know was popular and hot and what’s trending, so your analytics can help you with your business strategy. It is also important to study what your competition is doing online, know what makes you unique or better, and then spotlight those things in your online marketing.

Twitter Analytics — Powerful & Free!

Be found:

Being on all the social media platforms helps you show up higher in Google search results. And don’t hide your contact information on your website: Make sure it’s on every page, and make it especially visible on your homepage. 90% of traffic hits your homepage. 65% never make it to another page.

Make sure your address is listed as often. Search engines understand where you’re geographically located. Google can make that inference, if you’ve got no address, there’s no way for Google to make a guestimate of where you are.

Give people something more:

Social media isn’t just a place to tell people how great your business is. It’s a place to offer them something more, which will develop a relationship and show goodwill. Make sure that you create content that fits the needs of your audience — what content are they going to find engaging or sharable? A video or a guide or a tool? It’s not just about selling it’s about giving your audience a resource which they will revisit over and over again.

Consult with the experts:

People often think that in their businesses they can be the website designer, the marketer, the accountant, and the odd job man! If you’re a business person or dentist, you shouldn’t be doing your marketing, you shouldn’t be doing your accounting and you shouldn’t be designing your website and internet strategy. Things change too fast in the tech world for the average person to keep up. What we may have suggested to somebody two years ago may be different today. Having a good strategic partner that you can work with is really important to being successful. You want to talk to a professional, even if it’s just to sit down and consult with them and say, ‘OK am I using the right strategies?’


See my article on choosing the best hosting provider HERE.  My overall choices for the best hosting providers are –

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*A relatively new type of hosting, ‘Cloud Hosting’ has emerged in recent years.  I will write another article on this subject and or amend this article when I have firmed up my thoughts on this development.


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