How to Import Your Google Analytics Properties into Bing Webmaster Tools

If you have a website, you probably want to track its performance and get insights into your visitors’ behavior. One of the most popular tools for this purpose is Google Analytics, which allows you to measure various metrics such as traffic sources, conversions, bounce rate, and more.  Google accounts for around 90% of all written search querries on the internet so it is right that this should be your initial focus.  But once you have set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console there is one more step you can take to ensure almost complete coverage in search indexes.

Bing is a much smaller search engine, accounting for around 3% of global search, and around 9% of all searches performed on desktops (think business computers).  Can you afford to ignore this?  Well possibly, but who wouldn’t like 9% more business or income?  Also, Bing’s share of search may start to increase over the coming year or so as Microsoft has been much more successful than Google in integrating the next generation of AI into its search functionality.

Bing has something similar to Google Analytics & Search Console called Webmaster Tools.  This can be used to monitor and optimise your website for the Bing search.  It is a free service that provides you with reports and tools to help you improve your site’s visibility and ranking on Bing. You can also submit your sitemap, diagnose and fix crawl errors, analyze backlinks, and more.

One of the features that Bing Webmaster Tools offers is the ability to import your Google Analytics properties automatically into your account. This means that you can see your Google Analytics data alongside your Bing Webmaster Tools data in one place. This can help you compare and contrast your performance on both search engines and identify areas of improvement.

To import your Google Analytics properties into Bing Webmaster Tools takes a few simple steps.

If you do not already have a Microsoft account you can create an account at

Step 1: Log in to your Bing Webmaster Tools account and go to Settings.

Step 2: Under Settings, click on Connected Pages.

Step 3: Under Connected Pages, click on Connect Google Analytics.

Step 4: You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account and grant permission to Bing Webmaster Tools to access your Google Analytics data. Click on Allow.

Step 5: You will see a list of your Google Analytics properties that you can import into Bing Webmaster Tools. Select the ones that you want to import and click on Save.

Step 6: You will see a confirmation message that your Google Analytics properties have been imported successfully. You can now view your Google Analytics data in Bing Webmaster Tools under Reports & Data > Google Analytics.

That’s it! You have successfully imported your Google Analytics properties into Bing Webmaster Tools. Now you can enjoy the benefits of having both sets of data in one place and use them to optimise your website for both search engines.


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