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Help For Your Online Home Based Business

Starting an Online Business

Help For Your Online Home Based Business

I am sure if I ask you the question “Would you like to increase your sales and conversions in your Online Home Based Business?” You would say yes, who wouldn’t right!  What do you do when you are looking for a solution? You seek advice.  Where from?  Your local Chamber of Commerce or Council will likely provide some kind of support for new business startups. Local networking events are a mine of useful information and great for making connections.

Twitter can be brilliant networking and getting advice.  Many areas are covered by networking groups, usually with a dedicated time of the week for promotions and the larger ones hold regular free networking events where you can meet face to face.  My local group #Covhour hold regular get togethers throughout the year as well as a weekly online promotional get together on Thursdays between 8 and 9pm.

Create Success in any Business

Mindset is everything and it’s important to attend events for training and seminars that will give you the skills to maximise your potential that will keep you positive. Also mix with the right people who have the right energy. You can learn from successful people and mirror what they are doing or have done and fast track your success in your online business.  There is no problem with copying a winning formula.

Creating a positive mindset will help you overcome the inevitable setbacks and focus on where you want to go as well as what you want to achieve. Try not be a quitter, persevere and you will have a break through. It’s important to have a clear picture in your mind of your goal and what you want to achieve with your online business.

To build any online business you need to build your list of clients and have an auto responder like mailchimp so you can communicate with your list of clients. Your aim is to get as many clients to opt-in to your email list. I place an opt-in form on my website and place adverts on the internet. Someone who is interested in my services will place their name and email on the form.

There is no way you will succeed without the help of others, get a network of people who can find solutions to problems, suggestions, information, training, tips and on what to do next with your business.  Don’t be afraid to ask for favours from family and friends and from the people you meet at networking meetings.  If you don’t ask you don’t get!  It’s important to surround yourself with like minded people who want you to succeed and not bring you down. Positive encouragement is very important in your journey to create online success. If you can acquire a mentor with business experience that can guide you through the tough times and get you on the right track all the better.

From personal experience here are some pointers that can help you increase your sales with your online business.

The Key question to ask yourself: “Why should people buy from me?”

When you start to build an online business, you need to build a list of emails and then build a relationship with that list.  Online marketing is the same as personal relationships, you need to build up trust to get commitment.  Here are some tips for you:

1. Be real with your email client list, show them you are a normal person, be open, ethical and honest.

2. Add value to others, do not just sell your product, sell yourself. Offer advice or useful information on your website. Start giving and not asking.  When people see that you are there to help them and sincere in doing so, this will build trust and increase your conversions and sales.

3. Make your online presence an extension of your business.  Your website should portray your business in the best light.  An amateur website will give the impression your business is not up to scratch.  You wouldn’t do your own sign writing for a van, your website will frequently be the first interaction a potential customer will have with your business. Make first impressions count!

4. Show people that you care about others, show your human side.  This can be done through your interactions on Social Media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.  Put a feed of your tweets, Facebook posts and testimonials on your website.

With a positive mindset and dedication to providing your customers with a quality product/service and showing that you provide that to others is the key.  It may take a while but it will get there in the end!


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