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Finding your Audience on Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Finding your Audience on Social Media

For business social media is all about selling and connecting with your consumers or audience. Before you can “find” your audience, you need to fully understand who they are. Are you a ‘business to buisness’ (B2B) business or ‘business to consumer’ (B2C) business? Who is interested in your product/service? What is their lifestyle like? Finding your target market through social media can be difficult at times, especially if you don’t know the right tools to use to find them. For all businesses there are a ‘Big 3’ in terms of social media and each one has ways in which you can find your target audience.

Twitter (For B2B & B2C)

Twitter is and always has been my favorite social network to use when connecting with my target audience. It spans both B2B and B2C cohorts and its brief 140 character limit really helps you distill down your core business messages.

Twitter’s search functionality will allow you to find your target market based on their location and the keywords (hashtags) they use in their tweets. You can use hashtags (#) to find people talking about relevant topics, Twellow as a directory and Tweeps to find people near your location.

Twitter Analytics will give you great insight into how effective the marketing to your target audience through twitter is.

Facebook (For B2C)

Facebook may be a little ‘old hat’ these days. It does have a strong following in the 30 something and above demographic. But if you are looking for ‘youth’ you will need to try some of the young upstart social media platforms. Finding your target customers on Facebook can be difficult, because of the new algorithm they have introduced. Businesses page likes are dropping because Facebook are removing inactive and fake accounts, as well as making it harder for businesses to reach their whole community on their Facebook profile.

One way to connect with your target customers is to use your email address, to connect and invite people you already know to like your Facebook page. You should also be using Facebook’s search functionality to filter results based on your keywords, and drill down on the people you are specifically looking to target.

There will be thousands of business pages, containing your target market that you can easily put your business in front of. Make this a part of your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn (For B2B)

LinkedIn is the B2B network so if you are a B2C company, it may be difficult to find your target customer. As a business, looking for channel partners (associations that have your target market) there are many ways you can find your target audience.

You will need to make sure your profile is at 100% complete so that people can find you through your job history, professional title, name and connections. To make yourself more visible, you should do the following;

  • Anchor text in links
  • Keywords in your job titles/descriptions
  • Join groups that your target customers might be a part of
  • Claim your vanity URL
  • Ask for recommendations and endorse people who you have worked with


Know what your audience want to hear from you, and post at the times your audience is going to engage with you is key. You can find all of this out through Facebook’s insights or Twitter Analytics.

The easiest way for you to find your audience is for your audience to find you. Video posts are driving more engagement than any other post style on Twitter & Facebook. Posting with a picture/graphic is a minimum requirement. Keep your content on message and interesting and with a little luck your target audience will find you.


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