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Do I Need a Website Redesign?

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Do I Need a Website Redesign?

A question every website owner asks himself from time to time, but what are the circumstances leading him to think that, and what analysis does he conduct to determine whether the answer is affirmative? It is a gradual process, established so as to put a website to the test – is it rewarding your investment with results? If not, what step should one take to right the wrongs and improve the websites features?

First of all, try to remember the last time you updated your page’s design. Was it in the last 3 years? Last 5 years? No? That is a lot of time in Internet world, and your site gained status  of an old man. The majority of users judge a company by it’s website, therefore make haste and rejuvenate – redesign!

On the other hand, if you updated your site’s aspect regularly the next thing you should accessorize your site with is a mobile friendly environment. With smartphones being the primary device people use to access the Internet nowadays, the chances are your site will get a negative user review without a responsive function. Other than that, you’ll be faced with a poor ranking in Google search, and that is certainly not good for business.

If your company does commerce and you have an on-line store to distribute your products, that makes you quite modern. If that is not the case, you should seriously consider it, because on-line retail sales are reaching high numbers and will continue to do so in the near future. That would be a smart redesign without a doubt.

Another relevant upgrade for your site are incorporated social widgets. Users of various social networks share content giving it proper exposure and credibility. Give your site the chance to evolve in direct contact with society – redesign and complement your web page with these features.

Getting back to basics, is your site’s content easy to navigate through? In other words how are menus, buttons and link embedded into your site’s structure? You can’t blame customers for leaving a site that resulted to difficult and complicated to navigate through, it is simply your responsibility to gratify those requirements. Make it easier for users to master your site’s map, and they will generously repay it.

Compare your website to other, similar sites. What are the differences between them? Is your site equally elaborated, user friendly and useful? Redesign if you notice your site is falling behind your competitors. Next, reevaluate the image of your brand expressed through your website. Don’t let it be a false impression because in most cases it will be the first you give as a company.

Some technical issues might reach the surface considering your hosting resources. It is a realistic scenario of outgrowing the  hosting package and having to  upgrade it with your web host.

The big question is, of course, profits. Do  you earn as much as planed or anticipated? If the answer is no, one of the reasons for that is most certainly poor website characteristics. These repel customers and eventually lead to weak sales results. How’s that for guidance?

Fix these glitches and you’ll be a proud owner of a successful business with its deserved place at the top of the Internet mountain.

See my article on choosing the best hosting provider HERE.  My overall choices for the best hosting providers are –

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*A relatively new type of hosting, ‘Cloud Hosting’ has emerged in recent years.  I will write another article on this subject and or amend this article when I have firmed up my thoughts on this development.


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