Automate Your 3rd Party Business Reviews

If you run a business, it goes without saying that you should consider customer satisfaction as your top priority. A satisfied customer can become an advocate and potential future sales opportunity!  If you can also prompt those customers into leaving an online review for your business the potential upside for your business is multiplied.

Just posting reviews on your website may have a small impact on customer conversion, but the real impact comes when they are left on 3rd party platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin or Yell.

According to research, 85% of online consumers trust online reviews on the same level as personal recommendations. Additional research shows a 166% increase in sales conversion when ratings and user-generated content are integrated into the online experience.  So it is definitely worth doing!

As reviews can have such a big impact upon your businesses future performance it is important that you do not just leave these interactions to chance.  Studies show that 76% of consumers will leave a review if asked to do so.  That percentage shrinks down to almost 0% if you don’t.

Manually reaching out to each of your customers and sending them links to different review platforms can be time consuming.  So automating your review generation could make the experience simpler for both you and your clients.

I have recently come across a stand alone platform that makes the entire process of leaving reviews a seamless and effortless process. The stand alone platform from automates the entire process for leaving 3rd party reviews.  Meaning that all you need to do is send your clients the link to the review and leave the rest to them.

If you want to see how it works check out my review platform here –

Full disclosure, I do not receive commissions or any payment from this business.  But I was so impressed with the ease of use and functionality I just had to share it!


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