About Helios Web Design

We specialise in creating and managing professional WordPress websites for businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose Helios Web Design?

Businesses have a bewildering choice when it comes to selecting a website designer. How do you cut through the jargon and get what you are looking for? Here are a few pointers to why Helios Web Design might be the right choice for you.

Most of our new business comes from existing client referrals. We view our clients as our best sales representatives which is why we place so much emphasis on client care, ongoing support and value for money.  Established in 2012 and with many years experience of designing business websites we have stood the test of time.

We work exclusively with WordPress. As a CMS it is second to none for search engine optimisation (SEO) and client usability. All our designs have high quality organic SEO ‘baked in’ and user experience principles underpin all our web design work. The results are that our websites are easy to navigate, perform well in Google & Bing organic searches and include analytics so the client can clearly judge their ROI.

We know our limitations! If we don’t know an answer to a question we’ll tell you. The chances are that if we cannot do it, we will know someone who can help. Over the years we have built up a network of highly skilled professionals whose business specialisms compliment our own, so should you need highly detailed legal copywriting service or a niche Facebook marketing campaign we know someone that can help.

Ongoing Support

In case something goes wrong with your website you’re free to contact us 24/7, all the year round. Our technical support comes as standard, meaning that becoming the customer of Helios Web Design you can use our website tech support at any time, for no cost at all. Also any websites managed by Helios Web Design get free updates, stored backups, and security monitoring during the management term. If your website needs to be updated we’ll do it; you need new pictures or text added we’ll do it!*

Our Work

We take great pride in our work at Helios Web Design. We make it our number one goal to create products and brands that are of the highest possible quality. Why settle for anything less? This is why so many startups and established companies choose us. It takes many moving parts to create something special — and we have spent a lifetime building the skills and knowhow to deliver precisely what our clients need.

Our History

Martin set up Helios Web Design in 2012 and has 10 years experience in building and maintaining all kinds of websites. We have seen a great deal of change in the way websites are built and used over this time and have stayed up to date with the latest developments in coding and SEO. We specialise in developing beautiful WordPress CMS websites and E-Commerce solutions, but love getting to grips with new and interesting developments in coding and IT.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to staying current, ensure our customers remain on the cutting edge of the website development. Our only goal is to make your website look and feel like the premier business in its class. We utilise the latest developments in coding and functionality to create eye catching and distinctive content for your website. Creating interesting and distinctive content is the key to getting your website noticed.

*subject to fair usage.  3 hours of further development time comes with each new support package.