8 tools for hacking your social media productivity

People are spending an average of 170 minutes a month on Twitter but if social media management is part of your job, this is actually much longer. With so many different social media channels available, finding the time to manage everything efficiently in as little time as possible is really a challenge.

Tools like IFTTT can add a certain level of automation to your social media management and save you a ton of time but there’s more! Let’s take a look at some of the most time-saving tools that can come in handy at all the different stages of social media management.

Content curation

Finding amazing content to tweet can be a hassle unless you have a good system in place.

#1 Canva

Social media science has proven that this is what people love to retweet. And luckily, you don’t always need have professional design skills to put together engaging images for social media.

My absolute favourite tool is Canva because it’s insanely easy to use and you can have an amazing result in less than 5 minutes. Canva offers pre-built templates for social media posts so no need to worry about resizing.

#2 Feedly

Feedly is basically a news aggregator that can pull any RSS feed. You can completely personalize your experience and add all your favourite news sources and blogs into a stream so that every day you can immediately find great articles in your niche to share. Feedly also shows the number of shares for each piece which is a great way to quickly grasp the social media buzz around a topic.

Content creation
Once you find your amazing content is time to use some of your content crafting magic.

#3 Twibble

Twibble is a cool tool that will automatically post your blog posts on Twitter with amazing visuals to go with. All you need to do is set up the RSS feed and specify how often you want to tweet, hashtags and attributions. Twibble then will start scanning your source for blog posts and automatically post them to your Twitter feed using the posts featured image. This is how your tweet will look like:

#4 Unroll.Me

Newsletters within your industry can be a great source of content that just keeps on giving. But if you’re like I am and you are subscribed to a gazillion newsletters, Unroll.Me is an excellent tool that gathers everything in one place. So instead of flooding your inbox with countless emails every day, Unroll.Me compiles a list with all the updates into a nice email.


Once you pick the template, the rest is basically just dragging and dropping. You can choose to upload your own visuals and build something from scratch or choose something from Canva’s amazing graphics and use customize it to fit your style. It literally took me 5 minutes to put this together:

Social media productivity hacks


When you think about saving time on managing Social Media, you think about scheduling your content. Well, so do I!

#5 Buffer

Buffer is a great app for scheduling your content, especially if you’re managing many different social media channels. What’s even more time saving about Buffer is that you can quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web using their browser plugin.

Oh and did you know that you can also schedule tweets using your Buffer account via Twitter Counter? Just start thinking what you’re gonna do with all this extra time in your hands.

#6 Swayy

Swayy lies in between content curation and content scheduling so it’s a perfect time savior. All you need to do is login with your Twitter account to get content recommendations based on your interests and immediately share and schedule content through the platform.

Monitoring and Analyzing

Part of your day on Twitter is evaluating your performance, monitoring Twitter conversations and engaging. You might think that this is a long process and it definitely can be, but there are ways to save time and effort.

#7 TweetDeck

TweetDeck is sort of a wildcard tool as you can also schedule tweets but its real power lies in Twitter monitoring. Tweetdeck is basically a dashboard where you can keep track of your account’s interactions, monitor hashtags and keywords, making it faster and easier to reply to comments and engage in Twitter conversations.

#8 Twitter Counter

When you’re on a tight schedule you need to get as many insights as possible without having to spend your whole day crunching numbers. From a quick overview of your account’s follower growth, engagement rate and most successful content to an insightful report of all the important metrics, it can all be done in just a click. Take a look for yourself.

Got any tips or tools for boosting your social media productivity?  Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

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